Email Marketing Services

Maximize Your Reach with Smart Email Marketing

Cut Through the Noise with an Expert Email Strategy and Consultation, Tailored to your Industry

Need help honing your email marketing services? Our expert consultation service revolves around assessing your current audience engagement, developing a robust email strategy, and ensuring it aligns with your brand’s mission and goals

Whether your audience is on desktops, mobile devices, or tablets, we ensure your messages are as beautiful as they are functional. 

Additionally, we’ll offer guidance on lead-nurturing best practices and post-purchase email campaigns designed to boost upsells, increase repeat purchases, and elevate your email marketing effectiveness.

Get your free Competition Analysis done today! A competition analysis is a tool to help your business be more competitive. It’s about understanding the market and finding opportunities to differentiate or innovate. 

Our approach

Strategic, Functional & Tailored

Email Consultation and Strategy Development

We'll help you craft email campaigns that capture attention and nurture leads, while perfectly resonating with your specific industry context.

Functional, Beautiful Emails Across All Platforms

With our expertise in email template design, your emails will always be visually appealing, catch the reader’s eye, and ultimately drive conversions, no matter the platform.

Tailored Training and Leading-Edge Practices

Our service doesn't stop at consultation and design. We're committed to empowering your team too. We'll provide training on campaign design, content creation, and maintenance.

"When we first reached out to Manfred Marketing for email marketing services, we were struggling with low open and click-through rates, making it difficult to see any real ROI from our campaigns. Their team of experts not only took the time to understand our industry and audience but also got to the core of our challenges and provided comprehensive solutions tailored to our needs."
Email marketing services
Jerome Halter